Oklahoma Law Enforcement Memorial

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) Agent Harvey Pratt designed the logo for the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Memorial. The meaning of the logo is as follows:


Black represents our mourning for our fallen officers,

Gold represents the precious sacrifice made by our fallen officers,

The outer points of gold represent a Sunburst, radiating the heat and light of these officer’s goodness and dedication.

The inner circle represents the circle of life with our never-ending pursuit of justice.

The two sets of Gold Stars not only represent the star of authority but the cycle of life, which is birth, youth, adulthood and death.

The “Roll Call” Scroll represents the names of our fallen officers, who shall be remembered forever, symbolized by the sign for Eternity under the scroll.

The Olive Branches on either side of the scroll represent both peace and honor.

Our fallen officers are now at peace and died with honor.



The logo is copyright protected and may not be reproduced without the

written permission of Oklahoma Law Enforcement Memorial, Inc.