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Welcome to the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Memorial.

The Oklahoma Law Enforcement Memorial and this web site honors the sacrifices made by our fallen officers and is dedicated to the service of all law enforcement officers and their families. It honors all officers who served in or died in what is now the state of Oklahoma. We strive to present the most accurate information about our fallen officers in the most respectable manner. We are in constant need of additional information, documentation and pictures of our fallen officers. Just because an officer’s name, story and picture appears on the Memorial web site does not mean we have all or any of the available documentation or information on that officer. We ask everyone’s help in obtaining any additional items that we may not have currently. We are in the process of building permanent resource files on each officer. In the future the information in these files will be available to any one for viewing. This will be an on going project. Hopefully in a few years we will be able to build a permanent Resource Center and Oklahoma Law Enforcement Museum.

We also are in search of family members of our fallen officers. If you have any of the requested information, questions or comments please contact us at 

“There is much in the roll of a law enforcement officer that changes over the years. Two factors remain constant:
A dedication to serve and a willingness to make whatever sacrifices are required” –Unknown





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